Types of data allowed for render channels. All channel types, apart from the custom type, are interpreted by Softimage for display viewing.

C# Syntax

siRenderChannelType.siRenderChannelUnknownType                              // 0
siRenderChannelType.siRenderChannelColorType                                // 1
siRenderChannelType.siRenderChannelGrayscaleType                            // 2
siRenderChannelType.siRenderChannelDepthType                                // 3
siRenderChannelType.siRenderChannelNormalVectorType                         // 4
siRenderChannelType.siRenderChannelVectorType                               // 5
siRenderChannelType.siRenderChannelLabelType                                // 6
siRenderChannelType.siRenderChannelCustomType                               // -2147483648

Constant Value Description
siRenderChannelUnknownType 0 Unknown type. Only used as a return value in the case of an error.
siRenderChannelColorType 1 Data is interpreted as a pre-multiplied RGB color image with an optional alpha channel. If no alpha is provided, the image is treated as fully opaque.
siRenderChannelGrayscaleType 2 Data is interpreted as a single channel linear grayscale image.
siRenderChannelDepthType 3 Data is interpreted as a single channel depth image, where a value of 0 indicates infinity and positive values increasing distance from the camera.
siRenderChannelNormalVectorType 4 Data is interpreted as a three-channel, XYZ normalized vector.
siRenderChannelVectorType 5 Data is interpreted as a three-channel, arbitrary XYZ vector or point in space.
siRenderChannelLabelType 6 Data is interpreted as a single-channel, unique identifier value for each closest object visible to the camera.
siRenderChannelCustomType 0x80000000 Defines a special channel which is not interpreted in any way by Softimage and therefore cannot be displayed when used as a definition for render channels. The value itself is a composite of the enumerator value plus the lower 16-bits, which define the channel count.

Applies To

SceneRenderProperty.CreateRenderChannel RenderChannel.ChannelType Renderer.OutputFormatDef Renderer.DefaultChannels