Specifies the different attributes supported on PPGLayouts. This enum is different from siPPGItemAttribute because it lists attributes which apply to the entire Property Page, not any individual control. Some of the most common attributes are available more directly as properties of the PPGLayout, for example PPGLayout.Logic is a convenient way to set the siUILogic attribute.

C# Syntax

StringModule.siUIDictionary                                                 // Dictionary
StringModule.siUIHelpFile                                                   // HelpFile
StringModule.siUIHelpID                                                     // HelpID
StringModule.siUILanguage                                                   // Language
StringModule.siUILogic                                                      // Logic
StringModule.siUILogicFile                                                  // LogicFile
StringModule.siUILogicPrefix                                                // LogicPrefix
StringModule.siUIShowChildren                                               // ShowChildren

Constant Value Description
siUIDictionary Dictionary By default all labels, combo box items and other visible strings on a PPG are automatically translated if that string is found in the XSISPDLFILE string dictionary. To turn off all translation set this attribute to "None". To specify a different dictionary set this attribute to the name of the dictionary (without the .dict extension) (See XSIUtils.Translate).
siUIHelpFile HelpFile Help file associated with this property page. This help file or web address appears when the "?" button on the property page is clicked. It can also be retrieved via SIObject.Help. For self-installed plug-ins it is not necessary to specify a help file with this attribute, see SIObject.Help.
siUIHelpID HelpID Reference to a topic in the Help file.Normally this is only used for internal objects.
siUILanguage Language See PPGLayout.Language
siUILogic Logic See PPGLayout.Logic
siUILogicFile LogicFile This attribute is an alternative to siUILogic. Rather than have a value that is actual script, the value of this attribute is a string with the path of an external file containing the call backs.

This attribute is filled in automatically in the case of Plugin based CustomProperty objects.
siUILogicPrefix LogicPrefix This optional string attribute makes it possible to define a prefix that will be expected on all functions in the PPGLayout.Logic. For example if the prefix is "MyPlugin_" then Softimage will expect a method named "MyPlugin_OnInit" rather than "OnInit". This can be useful to avoid naming conflicts in cases where multiple property pages are in the same script file. In the case of Plugin based CustomProperty objects this attribute is automatically set to the name of the CustomProperty PluginItem.
siUIShowChildren ShowChildren Normally a property page shows nested objects as well as the inspected object. For example an inspected CustomProperty may show details of any Expressions applied to the Parameters. To disable the display of all nested objects set this attribute to false.

Note: To selectively filter which nested children are shown use the Keywords argument of InspectObj instead.

Applies To

PPGLayout.GetAttribute PPGLayout.SetAttribute PPGLayout::GetAttribute PPGLayout::PutAttribute