PPGLayout.SetAttribute operator




Changes the value of an attribute of the PPGLayout. For more information about attributes on a PPGLayout, see PPGLayout.GetAttribute.

C# Syntax

PPGLayout.SetAttribute( String in_AttributeName, Object in_AttributeValue );

Scripting Syntax

PPGLayout.SetAttribute( AttributeName, AttributeValue );


Parameter Type Description
AttributeName siPPGLayoutAttribute String specifying which attribute to set.
AttributeValue Variant New value for the attribute.


VBScript Example

' This example demonstrates setting the ShowChildren attribute to hide an expression
' that is attached to a Parameter
NewScene ,false
set oProp = ActiveSceneRoot.AddProperty( "CustomProperty", false, "HideNestedDemo" )
oProp.AddParameter3 "Foo", siInt4 
oProp.AddParameter3 "Bar", siInt4, 10
'Create a simple expression	 on Foo
SetExpr oProp & ".Foo", oProp & ".Bar * 2"
'You can comment this line out to see the effect it has
oProp.PPGLayout.SetAttribute "ShowChildren", false
'Show the CustomProperty.  
'There will be no tab for the expression
InspectObj oProp

See Also

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