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This object represents the context of a Scripted Operator. It gives access to the operator and the evaluation time. The UpdateContext is only valid within the context of the Update() function for Scripted Operators.

Note: Self-installed Custom Operators callbacks use the OperatorContext object instead.

In v1.5 the scripted operator's Update() subroutine was passed as an Operator object through the first input argument. The first argument was changed in v2.0 (and SDK Beta 1.0 ) to an UpdateContext object. The methods or properties (Parameters, Port(), InputPorts()) exposed by the operator (these were accessed in the scripted operator's Update() function directly from the first argument) have been replicated in the UpdateContext object to support backwards compatibility. They are not part of the UpdateContext and should be accessed instead from the Operator object methods and property; for example: In_UpdateContext.Operator.Parameters (see ProjectItem.Parameters), In_UpdateContext.Operator.Port() and In_UpdateContext.Operator.InputPorts().


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VBScript Example

' This example illustrates how to access the operator from the update context.
Sub Update( In_UpdateContext, OutputPort, InputPort )
Dim oOperator
set oOperator = In_UpdateContext.Operator
Application.LogMessage TypeName(oOperator)
End Sub