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This object is provided as the context object in the PPGEvent callback for a plug-in based CustomProperty object implemented in C#. Using the information provided by this object, it is possible to implement PPG logic code using the .NET languages such as C# and VB.NET. For information about implementing logic with scripting languages (for both on-the-fly and plug-in based properties), see PPGLayout.Logic and Dynamically Changing Custom Properties.

The PPGEventContext.EventID function returns information about the specific event that occurred:

* If the event is siOnInit or siOnClosed then Context.Source returns the CustomProperty object that is being inspected.

* If the event is siParameterChange then Context.Source returns the Parameter that changed.

* If the event is siButtonClicked then call Context.GetAttribute to get the "Button" attribute, which returns the script name of the Button that was clicked.

* If the event is siTabChange then call Context.GetAttribute to get the "Tab" attribute, which returns the label of the Tab that was clicked.

Tip: To force the user interface to be redrawn, call Context.SetAttribute to set the "Refresh" attribute to true. This is useful if the context code changes the underlying PPGLayout during its execution. Similarly, it is possible to close the Property Page by setting the "Close" attribute.


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