Filters a given list of elements according to the specified filtering type and returns the filtered list. When used with PickObject, this allows for validating the picked object against the proper filter, before passing the element to another command.

Scripting Syntax

oReturn = SIFilter( [InputObjs], [Type], [Include], [Mode] );

Return Value

Returns the filtered list as an XSICollection.


Parameter Type Description
InputObjs String List of objects to filter.

Default Value: Current selection

Type String FilterConstant to use (eg., scene object, operator, primitive, material, etc.).

Note: Calling SIFilter with a custom filter name containing spaces will fail. You can overcome this limitation by replacing all space characters with underscores.

Default Value: siGenericObjectFilter

Include Boolean True to include objects that match filter, False to exclude objects that match filter.

Default Value: True

Mode siFilterMode Filter lookup mode. The full search is the most powerful, but requires more time.

Default Value: siQuickSearch


VBScript Example

' Create 2 objects, then select ALL objects in the scene:

CreatePrim "Sphere", "MeshSurface"

CreatePrim "Cone", "MeshSurface"


' From the selection list collection, get the light and camera only:

dim list

set list = GetValue ( "SelectionList" )

set LigAndCam = SIFilter( list, siLightFilter & ", " & siCameraFilter )

if TypeName( LigAndCam ) <> "Nothing" then

	LogMessage LigAndCam.Count & " light & camera(s) found."

	LogMessage vbTab & LigAndCam

end if

' Now get the 3D objects only, from the currently selected objects:

set AllObjects = SIFilter( , siObjectFilter )

if TypeName( AllObjects ) <> "Nothing" then

	set objects = SIFilter( AllObjects, "polygon_mesh", True )

	LogMessage objects.Count & " object(s) found."

	LogMessage vbTab & objects(0) & ", " & objects(1) 

	' Filter out polygon meshes objects:

	set non3DObjects = SIFilter( AllObjects, "polygon_mesh", False )

	if TypeName( non3DObjects ) <> "Nothing" then

		LogMessage non3DObjects.Count & " non-3D object(s) found."

		for each non3DObj in non3DObjects

			LogMessage vbTab & non3DObj 


	end if

end if

' Running this script should log the following:

' ---------------------------------------------

'INFO : "2 light & camera(s) found."

'INFO : "	Camera,light"

'INFO : "2 object(s) found."

'INFO : "	sphere, cone"

'INFO : "4 non-3D object(s) found."

'INFO : "	Camera_Root"

'INFO : "	Camera"

'INFO : "	Camera_Interest"

'INFO : "	light"

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