All filter string constants

C# Syntax

StringModule.siBoundaryFilter                                               // boundary
StringModule.siCameraFilter                                                 // camera
StringModule.siChainElementFilter                                           // chainelement
StringModule.siClusterFilter                                                // cluster
StringModule.siConstraintFilter                                             // constraint
StringModule.siControlFilter                                                // controlobject
StringModule.siCurveFilter                                                  // curve
StringModule.siEdgeFilter                                                   // edge
StringModule.siEffectorFilter                                               // effector
StringModule.siGenericObjectFilter                                          // object
StringModule.siGeometryFilter                                               // geometry
StringModule.siGroupFilter                                                  // group
StringModule.siImplicitFilter                                               // implicit
StringModule.siIsopointFilter                                               // isopoint
StringModule.siKnotFilter                                                   // knot
StringModule.siLatticeFilter                                                // lattice
StringModule.siLayerFilter                                                  // layer
StringModule.siLightFilter                                                  // light
StringModule.siLightPartitionFilter                                         // lightpartition
StringModule.siModelFilter                                                  // model
StringModule.siNullFilter                                                   // null
StringModule.siObjectFilter                                                 // sceneobject
StringModule.siObjectPartitionFilter                                        // objectpartition
StringModule.siOperatorFilter                                               // operator
StringModule.siPointCloudFilter                                             // PointCloud
StringModule.siPointFilter                                                  // point
StringModule.siPolygonFilter                                                // polygon
StringModule.siPolyMeshFilter                                               // polygonmesh
StringModule.siPrimitiveFilter                                              // primitive
StringModule.siPropertyFilter                                               // property
StringModule.siSceneFilter                                                  // scene
StringModule.siShaderFilter                                                 // shader
StringModule.siSkeletonJointFilter                                          // joint
StringModule.siSubComponentFilter                                           // subcomponent
StringModule.siSubSurfaceFilter                                             // SubSurface
StringModule.siSurfaceCurveFilter                                           // SurfaceCurve
StringModule.siSurfaceMeshFilter                                            // surfacemesh
StringModule.siTextureControlFilter                                         // texturecontrol
StringModule.siTrimCurveFilter                                              // trimcurve
StringModule.siUIsolineFilter                                               // uisoline
StringModule.siVIsolineFilter                                               // visoline
StringModule.siUKnotCurveFilter                                             // uknotcurve
StringModule.siVKnotCurveFilter                                             // vknotcurve
StringModule.siWaveFilter                                                   // wave

Constant Value Description
siBoundaryFilter boundary Filters by boundaries (on active NURBS objects)
siCameraFilter camera Filters by cameras
siChainElementFilter chainelement Filters by chain elements
siClusterFilter cluster Filters by clusters
siConstraintFilter constraint Filters by constraints
siControlFilter controlobject Filters by control objects
siCurveFilter curve Filters by curves
siEdgeFilter edge Filters by edges (on active 3D objects)
siEffectorFilter effector Filters by chain effectors
siGenericObjectFilter object Filters by any object
siGeometryFilter geometry Filters by any type of geometric 3D object
siGroupFilter group Filters by groups
siImplicitFilter implicit Filters by implicit primitives
siIsopointFilter isopoint Filters by isopoints (on active 3D objects)
siKnotFilter knot Filters by knots (on active 3D objects)
siLatticeFilter lattice Filters by implicit lattices
siLayerFilter layer Filters by layers
siLightFilter light Filters by lights
siLightPartitionFilter lightpartition Filters by light partitions
siModelFilter model Filters by models
siNullFilter null Filters by nulls
siObjectFilter sceneobject Filters by 3D objects only
siObjectPartitionFilter objectpartition Filters by object partitions
siOperatorFilter operator Filters by operators
siPointCloudFilter PointCloud Filters by point clouds
siPointFilter point Filters by points
siPolygonFilter polygon Filters by polygons
siPolyMeshFilter polygonmesh Filters by polygon meshes
siPrimitiveFilter primitive Filters by primitives
siPropertyFilter property Filters by properties
siSceneFilter scene Filters by scenes
siShaderFilter shader Filters by shaders.
siSkeletonJointFilter joint Filters by skeleton joint properties
siSubComponentFilter subcomponent Filters by subcomponents
siSubSurfaceFilter subsurface Filters by subsurfaces (on active 3D objects)
siSurfaceCurveFilter surfacecurve Filters by surface curves (on active 3D objects)
siSurfaceMeshFilter surfacemesh Filters by surface meshes
siTextureControlFilter texturecontrol Filters by texture controls
siTrimCurveFilter trimcurve Filters by trim curves (on active 3D objects)
siUIsolineFilter uisoline Filters by U isolines (on active 3D objects)
siVIsolineFilter visoline Filters by V isolines (on active 3D objects)
siUKnotCurveFilter uknotcurve Filters by U knot curves (on active 3D objects)
siVKnotCurveFilter vknotcurve Filters by V knot curves (on active 3D objects)
siWaveFilter wave Filters by wave controls

Applies To

ConvertSelection ConvertSelectionToEdges ConvertSelectionToPoints ConvertSelectionToPolygons DeselectAllUsingFilter InvertSelection PickElement SelectAdjacent SelectAllUsingFilter SelectFilter SetSelFilter SIFilter

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