Removes a proxy parameter from a list of 3D objects or custom parameter sets.

Custom parameters are parameters that you create for your own purpose. Proxy parameters are linked copies of other parameters that you can add to your own custom parameter sets. Unlike custom parameters, proxy parameters are actually cloned parameters: they reflect the data of another parameter in the scene.

Any operation performed on a proxy parameter yields the same result as if it had been done on the real parameter itself (change a value, save a key, etc.).

Scripting Syntax

RemoveProxyParam( [InputObjs] );


Parameter Type Description
InputObjs String List of objects.

Default Value: Current selection


VBScript Example


' This example demonstrates how to add and remove proxy

' parameters from a scene object


NewScene , false

' Create a Cone with 2 proxy custom parameters

GetPrim "Cone", , , primitive

AddProp "Custom_parameter_list", , , "CustomPSet", outValue

set cpset = outValue(0)

AddProxyParam "cone.CustomPSet", "Camera_Root.kine.local.posx"

AddProxyParam "cone.CustomPSet", "Camera_Root.kine.local.posy"

' What do we have?

Application.LogMessage cpset.Parameters.GetAsText()

' Now remove one of the proxy parameters and check

' the list of parameters again

RemoveProxyParam "cone.CustomPSet.Camera_Root_posx"

Application.LogMessage cpset.Parameters.GetAsText()

' Expected results:

' INFO : Camera_Root.kine.local.posx,Camera_Root.kine.local.posy

' INFO : Camera_Root.kine.local.posy

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