Adds proxy parameters to a list of 3D objects or custom parameter sets. A proxy parameter is a parameter which appears under a custom parameter set but which has its value tied to a parameter on another object.

Scripting Syntax

AddProxyParam( [InputObjs], [Proxied], [Prefix] );


Parameter Type Description
InputObjs String List of custom property sets or 3D objects to add proxy parameters to.

Default Value: Current selection

Proxied String List of specific parameters or entire property sets to specify as the master(s) for this proxy parameter.

Default Value: If nothing is specified, a picking session is launched.

Prefix String Proxy parameter will be created with this as a prefix for name

Default Value: ""


VBScript Example


'	This example demonstrates how to create a single proxy parameter (by specifying

'	a single parameter as the master) or multiple proxy parameters with the same

'	prefix (by specifying an entire property set as the master).


set oNull = GetPrim( "Null" )

AddProp "Custom_parameter_list", , , "CustomPSet"

' Specify a specific parameter

AddProxyParam oNull & ".CustomPSet", "Camera_Root.kine.local.posx"

' Add proxy parameters for each parameter of the light.visibility property

AddProxyParam oNull & ".CustomPSet", "light.visibility", "prxy"

' When you inspect the new property set, you can see a flat list of parameters. All

' names except on the first parameter begin with "prxy_". Eg., 'prxy_viewvis'

InspectObj oNull & ".CustomPSet"

See Also

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