Edits the exposed Parameter's characteristics in the ICECompoundNode.

Scripting Syntax

EditExposedParamInICECompoundNode( Parameter, [Name], [Min], [Max], [Picking], [Description], [ExposeType], [Enum], [PPGLayoutGroup] );


Parameter Type Description
Parameter String Parameter to edit.
Name String Name for the parameter.

Default Value: ""

Min String Minimum value for the parameter.

Default Value: ""

Max String Maximum value for the parameter.

Default Value: ""

Picking String Picking string for self-installed operators.

Default Value: ""

Description String Description of the parameter.

Default Value: ""

ExposeType Integer Port type. 0 for single instance, 1 for all instances, 2 for all instances with a copied node, 3 for all instances with an imported node

Default Value: 0

Enum String Enum definition for the parameter.

Default Value: ""

PPGLayoutGroup String PPG UI layout item can be regrouped in groups when the PPGLayoutGroup string is filled up. By using the delimiter ";", it is possible to create a group hierarchy.

Default Value: ""

See Also

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