Adds a new attribute to a set data node (ICEDataModifierNode). A set data node allows you to set attributes on each geometry component (a "Velocity" attribute on each point, for example).

Scripting Syntax

AddAttributeToSetDataICENode( [SetDataNode], [AttributeName], [AttributeType], [AttributeContext], [AttributeStructure] );


Parameter Type Description
SetDataNode String The ICEDataModifierNode to add an attribute to.

Default Value: If not specified, the user is prompted to select a node.

AttributeName String The name of the attribute to add.

Default Value: ""

AttributeType siComponentDataType The data type of the new attribute.

Default Value: siComponentDataTypeFloat

AttributeContext siComponentDataContext The type of component.

Default Value: siComponentDataContextComponent0D

AttributeStructure siComponentDataStructure Structure of the attribute in the set data node.

Default Value: siComponentDataStructureSingle

See Also

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