Copies FCurveKeys for the specified timerange (from StartFrame to EndFrame) from one or more FCurves to the buffer. You can then use the PasteKeys command to complete the copy-paste action (move the copied keys from the buffer onto another fcurve).

Tip: You specify each fcurve to copy from by identifying the parameter it drives in the InputObjs argument.

CopyKeys is the command equivalent of the copy action in the dopesheet and should be used when trying to emulate dopesheet behaviour.

Scripting Syntax

CopyKeys( [InputObjs], [StartFrame], [EndFrame], [Reset], [SelectedKeysOnly], [Type] );


Parameter Type Description
InputObjs String List of animatable parameters (for example "cone*/kine.local.pos"). This parameter uses the Type parameter to interpret which parameters to use in this way:

- If Type == siInputParameters then InputObjs is used exactly as input (either from the specified list or the animatable parameters on the selected objects).

- If Type == siAnimatedParameters then InputObjs is expected to be a list of objects on which each animatable parameter will be affected.

- If Type == siAllAnimatedParameters then the value of InputObjs is ignored and instead the command uses all animated parameters on all objects in the entire scene.

Default Value: If no value is specified for this parameter, the Object List will use the selected objects or parameters respecting the scope indicated by the Type argument.

StartFrame Double Lower bound of the frame interval

Default Value: 1

EndFrame Double Upper bound of the frame interval

Default Value: 100

Reset Boolean Flag to force the buffer cleanup before copy

Default Value: True

SelectedKeysOnly Boolean True to copy only the selected keys within the timerange (from StartFrame to EndFrame). To create or modify a key selection, use the SelectKeysInTimespan command.

By default (false), this command operates on all keys within the timerange.

Default Value: False

Possible Values:


0 False
1 True
Type siParameterScope Parameter scope of the operation

Default Value: siInputParameters

See Also

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