Type of parameters to gather from the input Object List.

Note: This enum replaces the obsolete siSequenceType enum as of v6.0.

C# Syntax

siParameterScope.siInputParameters                                          // 1
siParameterScope.siAnimatedParameters                                       // 2
siParameterScope.siAllAnimatedParameters                                    // 3

Constant Value Description
siInputParameters 1 Use the input parameters directly from the Object List
siAnimatedParameters 2 Use only the parameters of the Object List that are animated
siAllAnimatedParameters 3 Ignore Object List and use all animated parameters in the scene (ie., every animated parameter on each object in the scene)

Applies To

ActivateFCurve CopyKeys CutKeys DeleteKeys PasteKeys ScaleAndOffset SelectKeysInTimespan Sequence SISequence