Applies a kinematic operator.

Scripting Syntax

oReturn = ApplyKinematicOp( PresetObj, [ConnectionSet], [ConnectType] );

Return Value

Returns an XSICollection list of new kinematic operators.


Parameter Type Description
PresetObj String or a preset object (see SIGetPreset) Deform and Assignment Operators
ConnectionSet ConnectionSet Specifies the objects connected to an operator. See OpPreset for details on the connection set required for this operator.

Default Value: Currently selected objects are used as the main group.

Warning: An error occurs if the connection set is invalid. Please verify the connection set required for this operator to avoid breaking your scripts.

ConnectType siBranchFlag Specifies the type of connection.

Default Value: siUnspecified


VBScript Example

'example showing using ApplyKinematicsOp to 

'deform an object based on its motion

dim oCone, oOps, oOp

newscene , false

SetValue "PlayControl.Current", 1

SetValue "PlayControl.Out", 60

'Create a cone that moves across the x-axis

set oCone = CreatePrim( "Cone", "MeshSurface" )

oCone.Parameters( "posx" ).AddFCurve2( Array( 1, -8, 50, 8 ) )

'Add a qstretch operator that will deform the

'cone as it moves

set oOps = ApplyKinematicOp( "QStretch", oCone )

set oOp = oOps.Item(0)

oOp.Parameters( "linvel_flexampl" ).Value = 0.5


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