Vector - Vector

Category: Processing > Math

Shader Family: Texture

Output: Vector

Performs a mathematical operation on a vector input resulting in a vector parameter.


The shader's name. Enter any name you like, or leave the default.


Defines the mathematical operation:

Negate (Vector Input 1)

Vector Input 1 + Vector Input 2

Vector Input 1 - Vector Input 2

Vector Input 1 x Vector Input 2

This operation is a cross product (VectorInput1 = (a,b,c), VectorInput2 = (x,y,z), therefore VectorInput1 x VectorInput2 = (b*z - c*y, a*z - c*x, a*y - b*x) )

Normalize (Vector Input 1)

Minimum(Vector Input 1, Vector Input 2)

Maximum (Vector Input 1, Vector Input 2)

Vector Input 1 x Scalar Input 1

Vector Input 1 / Scalar Input 1

Scalar Input 1

Defines the Scalar input.

Vector Input 1

Defines the vector (1) used in all of the mathematical operations.

Vector Input 2

Defines the vector input 2.

Render Tree Usage

Connect one or two vector-output shaders (bumpmap generator, Texture Space Controllers) and a scalar-output shader (texture generators, other math shaders) to the Input parameters. Once an operation is selected, the output can be used on any shader that accepts a vector input.