Selecting Properties

For most purposes, you would select properties in the explorer window. See Selecting Elements in the Explorer [Interface and Tools].

However, if relationship links are visible then you can select certain types of properties in the 3D and schematic views, as described in this section.

After you have selected a property, you can display its editor by pressing Enter, and you can delete the property by pressing Delete. When constrained objects or constraint properties are selected, you can quickly select the constraining objects using Constrain Select Constraining Objs.

Property Selection Filters

The Filter menu button has some property selection filters that let you restrict the selection to a specific type of property. For more information about selection filters in general, see Selecting.


Filter menu button


Property-type filters

  • Joint lets you select the joint properties of bone elements in kinematic chains. This works only in 3D views, and Chain Critical Zone or Chain Joint Rotation Limits must be visible.

  • Constraints let you select constraint properties. Relations must be visible in 3D views, and Show Constraint Links must be on in the schematic view.

  • Operator lets you select operators that are involved in a modeling relation, for example, between a lofted surface and its input generator curves. Relations must be visible in 3D views, and Show Operator Links must be on in the schematic view.

  • Material lets you select materials. This works only in schematic views, and Materials must be visible.

  • Local Material is not really a property filter. It lets you select objects that have a material applied locally, that is, not inherited from the scene or a parent node.

Selecting Properties in 3D and Schematic Views

To select properties in 3D or schematic views, you must display relations and then click on the line that represents the relation.

To toggle display of relations for selected elements in a 3D view

To toggle display of relations (links) in the schematic view

To select properties in 3D and schematic views

  • Click on the line representing the property (not the label that describes the property).

    Note that you cannot select multiple properties in this way — pressing the Shift key has no effect. If you need to select multiple properties, see Selecting Elements in the Explorer.