Texture Map Property Editor

Associates an image file with a texture projection. You can create texture maps for any mappable parameter. For more information, see Texture Maps [Scene Elements].

To apply: Select an object and choose Get Property Texture Map Texture Map.

To redisplay: Click an object's Texture Map icon in the explorer.


The name of the texture map.


Click to rename the texture map. See Rename Dialog Box.


Image Clip Name

Name of the picture file to be used as the texture map.

Window and Playback Controls

Displays the selected image. Use the playback controls to play, pause, loop, and stop an image sequence.


Clears the currently selected image from the window.


Modifies parameters of the selected image in the list.


Loads a new image.

UV Property

Projection List

The projection to use for the map. See Specifying a Texture Projection [Texturing].


Repeats U, V, W

Contains the repetition factor in U, V, and W. A value of 2, for example, shrinks the texture so that it fits twice in a [0, 1] interval.


U, V, W

Specifies whether every other copy of the repetition should be reversed so that the successive copies of the texture are alternated.

UV Remap

Min/Max U, V, W

Determines the remapping of the texture image. For a 2D image, only U and V are used.