Unlocking Scene Elements

You can unlock a scene or any locked element within a scene from an explorer. With the exception of parameters, you must unlock from the node that owns the lock (where the lock was originally applied: see Locking Scene Elements).

To unlock scene elements for all levels

  1. Open an explorer and set its scope to Scene Root.

  2. Select the scene element node that you want to unlock.

  3. Right-click the selection to open its context menu.

  4. Choose Locks Unlock All Levels. This unlocks the element as well as its children, if any.

To unlock scene elements by level

You can progressively unlock scene elements by level.

  1. In an explorer, select the lock owner (the node on which you originally applied the lock).

  2. Right-click the selection to open its context menu.

  3. Choose Locks and deactivate the specific lock level menu item: Node Topology/Hierarchy Locked, Animation Locked, or Value Locked.

    If the lock level menu items are not available, this means that the selected node/object has inherited the lock and you have not selected the lock owner.

To unlock all locked elements and parameters in a hierarchy

  1. In an explorer, select the lock owner at the highest level you want to unlock.

  2. Right-click the selection to open its context menu.

  3. Choose Locks Remove All Locks in Hierarchy. This unlocks all elements at all levels in the hierarchy, including parameters.

    NoteUsing the Unlock command with scripting, you can set the RemoveAll argument to "True" for any locked object and it will unlock any element or parameter it finds in its hierarchy.

Unlocking Parameters

You unlock parameters the same way you would unlock any other scene element. What makes unlocking parameters different is that they are the only element that can be unlocked in node mode. When you specifically unlock a parameter, the parameter becomes the owner of the lock information.

A parameter can inherit a lock from the hierarchy above it, but you can always go back and remove a lock level or unlock all levels just for that parameter.

Example: Unlocking All for Specific Parameters

  1. From the Model toolbar, choose Get Primitive Polygon Mesh Grid.

  2. In an explorer, select the Grid object node.

    Set the explorer scope to Scene Root and the filter to All Nodes or All + Animatable Params (as needed) to display parameters.

  3. Right-click the Grid node to open its context menu.

  4. Choose Locks Lock All Levels.

    The word (Lock) is displayed beside the node. All its children nodes, including its parameters, inherit the lock and display the (Lock) label as well.

  5. Expand the Grid down to the Polygon Mesh Geometry U and V Subdiv. parameters.

  6. Right-click each parameter and choose Locks Unlock All Levels.

    The Grid object is locked at all levels, except for its U and V Subdiv. parameters.