Lagoa Substep Data to Strands

Converts the Substeps debugging data calculated by the Lagoa Simulate Multiphysics node into strand geometry by creating Strand attributes for the particles.

This can help you debug your simulation because it lets you "render" the particle substeps. You can use it for either artistic reasons, or just as a way of better visualizing the substeps made by the simulator over time.

You can select the Display Velocity Substeps option in this node to preview what the strands will look like.

For the best results, the particles should have a fairly high velocity and the Substeps value should be quite high.

Once you have created strands, you need to change the particle Shape type to Segment so that you can see them in the render region. You can then render these particles as strands.

Plug this compound's Execute output into the PostSim port of the Simulation Root node, or into a port on the ICETree node that is below the Lagoa Simulate Multiphysics node.

You can also select a point cloud and choose Particles After Emission Lagoa Particles Substep Data to Strands from the ICE toolbar to have this node set up in the point cloud's ICE tree.

Tasks: Lagoa/Tools

Output Ports: Execute