Lagoa Resolution to Substeps

Sets the quality of the simulation by balancing the Substeps value in the Lagoa Simulate Multiphysics node and the Resolution data set in the Emit node.

This node prevents you from using too many or too few substeps. It should give you an approximated optimal number of substeps for the given resolution.

Plug this compound's Substeps output into the Substeps port of the Lagoa Simulate Multiphysics node.

You can also select a point cloud and choose Particles On Emission Lagoa Particles Lagoa Resolution to Substeps from the ICE toolbar to have this node set up in the point cloud's ICE tree.

Tasks: Lagoa/Tools

Output Ports: Substeps


Plug the same scalar node into this port and into the Emit compound's Resolution port to set the quality of the simulation based on this value.