Manipulating Components and Clusters

Not every type of component or cluster can be directly manipulated in Softimage.

Transforming Components and Clusters

You can transform points, edges, and polygons in 3D space. This is a fundamental part of modeling an object's shape. For more information, see Manipulating Components [Modeling and Deformation Basics].

On curves, you can move knots and isopoints as well as points using the Tweak Curve tool. See Using the Tweak Curve Tool [Surface and Curve Modeling].

In addition, you can adjust sample texture points in the texture editor. For more information, see Working with UVs in the Texture Editor [Texturing].

Deforming Components and Clusters

You can apply deformations to deform points, edges, and polygons in the same way that you apply them to objects. For more information, see Deformations [Modeling and Deformation Basics].

Animating Components and Clusters

You cannot animate component and cluster transformations directly. Instead, you can use a deformer such as a cluster center or volume deformer and animate it, or you can use shape animation. For more information, see the Modeling and Deformation Basics guide or Animating Shapes [Shape Animation].