Methods for Editing Shaders

An important part of the process of fine-tuning a scene is editing its shader properties. Every shader is edited from its property editor. You can access shader property editors in many different ways.

For more information on property editors in general, see Modifying Properties in Property Editors [Interface and Tools].

Accessing Shader Property Editors

  1. In a 3D view, select an object whose shaders you want to edit.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • From the Render toolbar, choose Modify Shader, to open the shader's property editor where you can edit any of its parameters.

    • From the Render toolbar, choose Modify Texture and select a shader from the menu. The property editor opens in a floating window where you can edit any of its parameters.

    • Click the Selection button on the Select panel to display the selected object's node. Expand its material node and click a shader icon to open its related property editors.

    Shader icon in an explorer view

    • Select the object and open a render tree view. Double-click on the shader node you wish to edit.

    • You can quickly open the property editors of shaders connected to the current shader's parameters by clicking any parameter's connection icon.

    • Right-click the connection icon and choose Edit Conversions from the menu. A combined property editor for all of the conversion shaders attached to the parameter opens.

Detaching Shaders

To detach a shader

  • Do one of the following:

    • Delete a shader from the explorer: it is removed and no longer affects the object.

    • Use the render tree to graphically disconnect and/or delete the shader. For more information on how to use the render tree, see The Render Tree.

    • Click a connection icon and choose Disconnect to cut the connection between the parameter and an attached shader.

Deleting a Shader

You can delete a shader by selecting it in the explorer, render tree, or schematic view and then pressing Delete. The shader is removed from all views.