If you liked the original Syflex Cloth plug-in for Softimage, you're going to love Syflex ICE!

Syflex ICE is the ICE version of the Syflex Cloth plug-in that is installed with Softimage - see Syflex Cloth in Softimage. Syflex ICE includes a complete set of deformation simulators, force, collision, and constraint compounds and nodes that allow you to set up complete cloth and curve deformation simulations.

Once you have a Syflex ICE tree set up for your simulated object, you can add most "regular" ICE nodes as you would normally in an ICE tree. This allows you to use the power of ICE to modify your cloth or curve simulation in ways that aren't possible with the Syflex Cloth plug-in.

Getting Started with Syflex ICE

To help you get started with learning about Syflex ICE simulations, there are a number of resources:

NoteThe Syflex ICE compounds and nodes are tuned so that 1 Softimage unit is equal to 10 cm, but you can use a different scale as you like. You can get a rough idea of which parameter values to use with the JavaScript form in the Syflex Cloth plug-in reference documentation that is installed with Softimage in the Softimage install path/Docs/Syflex folder - open the syflex_units.html file.

Differences between the Syflex Cloth Plug-in and Syflex ICE

Besides the obvious difference of Syflex ICE being a set of ICE nodes, here are some other differences you may notice if you're familiar with the Syflex Cloth plug-in:

NoteThe Syflex Cloth plug-in is now fully translated into Japanese.