ProjectItem.LockLevel operator




Returns the siLockLevel for this object if it is locked. If it is not locked, siLockLevelNone (0) is returned.


JScript Example

        This example shows how to find out the lock level for the object
NewScene( null, false );
CreatePrim( "Cone", "MeshSurface" );
var oObj = Application.ActiveSceneRoot.FindChild( "Cone" );
oObj.SetLock( siLockLevelManipulation );
Application.LogMessage( "The cone's lock level is: " + oObj.LockLevel );
oObj.UnSetLock( siLockLevelAll );
Application.LogMessage( "Now the cone's lock level is: " + oObj.LockLevel );
// Expected result:
//INFO : The cone's lock level is: 7
//INFO : Now the cone's lock level is: 0

See Also

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