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CNurbsCurveRefArray Class Reference

Detailed Description

An array of NurbsCurve objects representing the curve in a curve list.

This specialized array is returned by NurbsCurveList::GetCurves, it is not meant to be created and modified in user-defined functions. If you want to add and remove arbitrary items to a collection, you must use a CRefArray instead.
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        using namespace XSI;

        Application app;
        Model root = app.GetActiveSceneRoot();

        X3DObject myArc;
        root.AddGeometry( L"Arc", L"NurbsCurve", L"", myArc );

        NurbsCurveList curvelist( myArc.GetActivePrimitive().GetGeometry() );

        CNurbsCurveRefArray curves(curvelist.GetCurves());

#include <xsi_nurbscurve.h>

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Public Member Functions

  CNurbsCurveRefArray ()
  ~CNurbsCurveRefArray ()
  CNurbsCurveRefArray (const CNurbsCurveRefArray &in_array)
CRef  GetItem (LONG in_index) const
CRef  GetItem (const CString &in_name) const
LONG  GetCount () const
bool  IsValid () const
CLongArray  GetIndexArray () const
SubComponent  GetSubComponent () const
CNurbsCurveRefArray  Navigate (siNavigateComponentType in_siNavigate) const

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Default constructor.

Default destructor.

CNurbsCurveRefArray ( const CNurbsCurveRefArray in_array )

Copy constructor.

in_array constant CNurbsCurveRefArray reference object.

Member Function Documentation

CRef GetItem ( LONG  in_index ) const [virtual]

Returns a NurbsCurve object at the specified index in the array.

in_index The index of the NurbsCurve.
A reference to a NurbsCurve object.

Reimplemented from CRefArray.

CRef GetItem ( const CString in_name ) const [virtual]

Returns the NurbsCurve object in the array matching the specified name.

in_name The name of the NurbsCurve.
A reference to a NurbsCurve object.

Reimplemented from CRefArray.

LONG GetCount ( ) const [virtual]

Returns the number of NurbsSurface objects in the array.

The number of NurbsSurface objects.

Reimplemented from CRefArray.

bool IsValid ( ) const [virtual]

Returns true if this array is a valid object or false otherwise.

true if valid, false otherwise.

Reimplemented from CRefArray.

CLongArray GetIndexArray ( ) const

Returns an array of indices in the geometry NurbsCurve array

An array of indices.
SubComponent GetSubComponent ( ) const

Creates a SubComponent object from this NurbsCurve array,

A SubComponent object
CNurbsCurveRefArray Navigate ( siNavigateComponentType  in_siNavigate ) const

Navigates the NurbsCurve objects of the underlying geometry as specifed by the navigation component type. The function returns an array of NurbsCurve objects corresponding to each Point object visited.

in_siNavigate Type of direction for navigating the NurbsCurve objects.
An array of Point objects.

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