Commands and Scripting Reference

Scripting in Softimage is a set of features that allows you to develop scripts. A script is a series of calls to Softimage functions (commands or object model functions) written in a particular scripting language, together with logic and variables as permitted by the language.

The Autodesk Softimage SDK supports more than just scripting. Scripting is interpreted line by line as it runs, but you can also write code that is compiled from the source into binary files that can then be distributed, either as an executable (*.exe file) or a library (*.dll for Windows and *.so for Linux).

If a path constraint already exists, a position is added onto the existing curve and a key is added on the path percentage property ( ObjectName.kine.PathCns.Percentage ) of the constraint at the given time. The type of development you decide to do depends largely on what you need to accomplish and what you are capable of doing, so it’s really an individual decision. For example, you may be a C++ programmer who is interested in creating a compiled plug-in for Autodesk Softimage; or you may be a technical director who just needs to automate some repetitive tasks.

Softimage’s SDK can accommodate both types of users, since it supports four scripting languages (VBScript, JScript, Perl, and Python) for Windows and two for and Linux (VBScript and JScript) and you can access components of the object model from a programming language like C++.

Available Reference Topics

Topics Information Provided
Commands Native Softimage scripting commands.
Objects, Methods, Properties, Constants, and Collections Softimage Object Model library.
Object Model Hierarchy List of object model classes presented with indenting to indicate hierarchical relationships.
Presets Lists of valid preset strings to be used in various commands and object model methods.
View Attributes List of valid attributes that can be used to customize and control various View windows in the Softimage UI.
View Definitions List of all names recognized by Softimage as possible view IDs. These names can be specified in the OpenView command to open and instance of the given name.
Callbacks List of all callbacks for self-installing plug-ins.