Trax Editor Modify menu


Attribute Editor

Opens the Attribute Editor and displays the selected character’s, animation clip’s, object’s, or geometry cache clip’s nodes and attributes.


Turns on or off the selected animation clip’s animation curves or the selected geometry cache clips cache. See Enabled/disabled clips or Enable or disable geometry cache clips.

Activate/Deactivate Keys

For animation clips only.

Turns Activate Keys on or off for the selected animation clip. The Activate Keys mode lets you key into a clip. See Active/inactive clips.

Remove Empty Tracks

For animation clips only.

Removes all empty tracks from the current character.

Match Clips

Aligns the trajectory of clips based on the offset object you define (Edit > Set Offset Object), and the Match Clip Options you have set.

Select Modify > Match Clips > to open the Match Clip Options.

Match Clip Options

The Match Clip Options you define can help to align your clips and form a smooth animation sequence more quickly.

For example, you can align a walk cycle clip with a run cycle clip, each with a character moving in different directions, and create a smooth sequence where the character moves in the same direction, with no sliding or flipping as you transition between the walk and run clips. See also Match poses and align clips.

Match Translation

Specifies whether and how the target (second) clip moves to match the source (first) clip.

Set to Full if you want the clips completely aligned in space.

Set to Projected for a partial match in which the clips are aligned based on a projected ground plane defined by the source clip’s Translate X and Translate Z values.

Set to None to apply no matching in translation.

Match Rotation

Specifies whether and how target clip rotates to match the source clip.

Set to Full if you want an exact match in the orientation of the clips. This option resets rotation values in the target clip to match the source clip.

Set to Projected for a partial match. This option aligns the clips based on a projected ground plane defined by the source clip’s Rotate X and Rotate Z values. This lets you keep the general orientation of the target clip, but still provides a generally aligned orientation.

For example, if you want to align the clips in space but keep the orientation (general direction of travel) of the target clip, set Match Translation to Full, but set Match Rotation to Projected.

Set to None to apply no matching in rotation.

Match Node

Lists the object you select to direct the match operation between clips. Maya uses this object to determine where the clips can align in space. You can use any object included in the character set, or any object driven by the objects included in the character set as the Match Node.

The object you select depends on what type of transition occurs between the two clips. For the walk and run clip example, where the action is centered around the feet, the Left or RightAnkle effector can be a good match object.

To change the object listed, select an object in the scene and click to load it as the new Match Node.

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