Smooth a surface mesh


To smooth surface meshes with the Sculpt Geometry brush

  1. Select the surface, mesh(es), or control vertices you want to sculpt.
  2. Choose one of the following to open the Sculpt Geometry Tool:

    The Sculpt Geometry Tool options appear and the Maya cursor changes to a brush icon to indicate it is now in sculpting mode.

  3. In the Sculpt Parameters section, under Operation, click Smooth.
  4. Use the options under Sculpt Parameters to control how brushing smooths the surface mesh.
  5. Do any of the following:
    • Brush across the mesh to push or pull vertices.
    • Hold b and drag left or right to change the brush radius.
    • Hold m and drag left or right to change how much the tool moves the mesh as it smooths.

      When the Operation is set to Smooth, the Max Displacement and Reference Vector (X, Y, Z) options are respected. That is, the smoothing will be constrained based on what Reference Vector option is set and limited by the Max Displacement value.

To apply a smooth action to the entire mesh at once

  1. In the Sculpt Geometry Tool option panel, set the options you want to apply to the entire mesh.
  2. Under Sculpt Parameters, click the Flood button.

    The Flood operation applies the specified settings over the entire surface or mesh.


    To progressively smooth a model, use the Flood button with Smooth as the selected operation, and set the opacity low.

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