Smooth polygon meshes


There may be times when your polygon mesh does not appear as smooth as you would like. Maya provides several methods for smoothing polygons:

To smooth by adding polygons

  1. Select the mesh or just the faces you want to smooth.
  2. Select Mesh > Smooth.

To smooth by moving vertices

  1. Select the mesh or just the vertices you want to smooth.
  2. Select Mesh > Average Vertices.

    You can apply this action repeatedly to smooth more and more (use the ā€˜gā€™ hotkey to repeat the last action), or you can choose Mesh > Average Vertices > and set a specific Smoothing amount.

Troubleshooting the Smooth feature

Smooth works strangely or not at all?

Smoothing works with convex and even star-shaped concave faces. However, it can give unwanted results with concave faces where the center point is not inside the face.

To fix a concave faces, use the Split Polygon Tool or Mesh > Triangulate.

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