Prepare Maya files containing Japanese or Simplified Chinese text


If you are running Maya in the Japanese/Simplified Chinese language user interface and need to share Maya ASCII text files (.ma, .mel) with other users on other hardware platforms and operating systems, you’ll need to convert your Maya files to the correct text encoding appropriate for the target platform. Use the Save As feature of your favorite text editor or a utility like iconv. Text encoding is platform-dependent and Maya text files cannot be guaranteed to open correctly otherwise.

When Maya files are saved from the Maya Japanese or Simplified Chinese language user interface in the .mb (Maya Binary) format, they can be shared between the various supported platforms and operating systems without conversion.

If you need to save and work with Maya text files containing Japanese or Simplified Chinese (.ma, .mel), the text files must be saved with the following text encoding, depending on the hardware platform and operating system:

Operating system Language Supported text encoding (.ma .mel)



Shift_JIS (CP932)


Simplified Chinese

GBK (CP936)

Mac OS X

Japanese/Simplified Chinese


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