mentalrayOutputPass node


The mentalrayOutputPass node contains attributes that control camera output passes. For more information on mental ray camera output passes, see Appendix B: Creating camera output passes with mental ray for Maya.

Output Pass Options


When on, specifies that this output pass is rendered. This option is on by default.

Frame Buffer Type

Specifies the type of information the pass contains. Select a data type from the drop-down list.

Use User Buffer

When on, specifies that a user framebuffer is used in the output pass, and activates the User Buffer drop-down list. Select the user framebuffer you want to use in this output pass.

This option is off by default.

User Buffer

This drop-down list is available when Use User Buffer is turned on. Select the user framebuffer you want to use in this output pass.

Interpolate Samples

This option causes mental ray for Maya to interpolate sample values between two known pixel sample values. If interpolation is turned off, the last sample value in each pixel is stored, and pixels without samples get a copy of a neighboring pixel. When this option is turned on, the resulting image has a higher quality, but takes more time to process.

This option is on by default.

File Mode

When on, specifies that the output pass is written to an image file, and activates the Image Format drop-down list and File Name Postfix field.

Image Format

Specifies the image format for the output pass, when File Mode is turned on. Select an image format from the drop-down list.

Color Profile

Use this option when you are using color management in your scene. You must enable File Mode before you can use this option. See Using color management in your scene for more information regarding color management.

Select the color profile that your file texture is using.

There are two sections available in the Color Profile drop-down box. Under the first section, there is a list of built-in color profiles. Under the second section, there is a list of any existing color profile nodes that are currently in your scene.

Click the colorProfile node icon to create a colorProfile node and connect it to your current mentalrayOutputPass node.


If you select the Use Default Output Profile option under the list of built-in color profiles, Maya will use the Default Output Profile setting that you selected under the Color Management section in the Render Settings: Common tab.


In order to use color management in your scene, you must select the Enable Color Management option in the Render Settings: Common tab.

File Name Postfix

Specifies the operator that is appended to the end of the file name, when File Mode is turned on.

Output Shader

Specifies an output shader for this output pass.

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