Load or unload Maya plug-ins


A plug-in is an add-on module that extends Maya’s capabilities. File translators are plug-ins you use to import and export various file formats. You can create or purchase specialty plug-ins to customize Maya for a specific job.

Some features that can be added through plug-ins are:

To load or unload plug-ins

  1. Select Window > Settings/Preferences > Plug-in Manager.
  2. Do any of the following:
    • Check the Loaded box next to a plug-in to load the plug-in.
    • Check the Auto load box next to a plug-in to always load the plug-in when you start Maya.
    • Click the icon next to a plug-in to view the Plug-in Information window and find additional information about the plug-in, for example the version number and any MEL commands it adds to Maya.
      NoteYou cannot load a plug-in for any version of Maya that predates the Maya version the plug-in was compiled for. For example, you cannot use a plug-in compiled with the Maya 6 API in Maya 5. You can check the For API Version number in the Plug-in Information window.

      For more information on default plug-ins included with Maya, see List of plug-ins included with Maya.

Force Maya to unload a plug-in being used in the current scene

If you try to unload a plug-in that is providing functionality in the current scene (for example, the scene contains a node type that is provided by the plug-in), Maya warns you and gives you the opportunity to force the removal of the plug-in.

If you select to force Maya to unload the plug-in, Maya converts any nodes in the scene provided by the plug-in to the “Unknown” node type. Even if you reload the plug-in, the nodes remain Unknown.

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