Show node inputs and outputs (dependency graph)


To show connections between nodes

  1. Open the Hypergraph (Window > Hypergraph: Connections).
  2. Select one of the following menu items in the Hypergraph:
    • Select Graph > Input and Output Connections to show both the input chains leading up to nodes, and the output chains leading from nodes.
    • Select Graph > Input Connections to show the input chains leading up to nodes.
    • Select Graph > Output Connections to show the output chains leading from nodes.

To view the complete construction history

  1. Select your object.
  2. Click the construction inputs button or the construction outputs button on the Status Line and select All Inputs from the pop-up menu.
  3. In the List of input operations or List of output operations window that appears, adjust the following options for each node:

To show connections for only certain types of nodes

  1. Select a node of the type, or multiple nodes of different types you want to show.
  2. In the Hypergraph, select Show > Show Selected Type(s).
  3. To show all nodes again, select Show > Show All.

To show connections for a node or nodes in the Outliner or Hypershade window

  1. Set up the Hypergraph to show connections.
  2. Drag the node from the Outliner or Hypershade window into the Hypergraph.

Show or hide extra connections

To show or hide different types of connections (color-coded lines between nodes representing expression, constraint, and deformer connections) in the Hypergraph, select Options > Display > Expression Connections, Constraint Connections, or Deformer Connections.

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