Lock an asset


You can lock unpublished attributes for nodes inside assets so that their contents cannot be changed. This is a useful precautionary measure when you want to protect sensitive components from accidental changes.

When an asset’s unpublished attributes are locked, you cannot:

You can:

Any published attributes and nodes are unaffected when an asset is locked. Thus, locking unpublished attributes is an easy way to promote the use of an asset’s interface over modifying its internal node attributes.

NoteWhen you lock unpublished attributes on an asset, the unpublished attributes of any sub-assets are automatically locked as well.

To lock all unpublished attributes

  1. Select an asset or any object in the asset.
  2. Select Assets > Lock Unpublished Attributes.

    All unpublished attributes for nodes in the asset are locked.

To unlock all unpublished attributes

  1. Select an asset.
  2. Select Assets > Unlock Unpublished Attributes.

    All unpublished attributes for nodes in the asset are unlocked.

Locking and referencing

You can lock all unpublished attributes when saving an asset for use when an asset is referenced by a parent file. This allows you to lock all unpublished attributes from the parent file’s perspective, without locking them in the working (child) file.


In general you cannot lock/unlock a referenced asset’s attributes from a parent file.

To lock unpublished attributes for referencing

  1. Create your geometry and place it in an asset.
  2. Publish the appropriate attributes to the asset.

    Make sure to publish any attributes that are needed by the parent scene.

  3. Select File > Save Scene As > .

    The Save Scene As Options window appears.

  4. In the Referencing Options section, set Asset unpublished to Lock.
  5. Optionally, you can set Lock File to Lock as well.

    This prevents users from saving any reference edits to this file from the parent file.

  6. Select Save Scene As and enter a name for the file.

    When the file is saved, all the unpublished attributes for all asset in the scene are locked. These attributes cannot be unlocked from the parent file.

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