File > Save Scene As


Allows you to select a new name and location for the scene file.

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File > Save Scene As >

File type

Sets the file type to mayaBinary or mayaAscii. The default is mayaAscii.

NoteStarting in Maya 2014, the mayaBinary (.mb) file format uses 64-bit indices. Scenes saved as .mb files are not compatible with earlier versions of Maya.
Default file extensions

Adds the file extension .ma to Maya ASCII filenames and .mb to Maya Binary filenames.

3D Paint Texture Options

These options define how Maya saves file textures created with the 3D Paint Tool when you save a scene.


Saves different versions of the file textures when you save different versions of a scene. Use this setting if you are working on different iterations or versions of the file texture.

Unless referenced

Saves file textures only if the painted character is not referenced. When this option is selected, Maya uses the file textures from the referenced file, even if you save the scene with a new name. If the character is not referenced and you save a copy of the scene with this option selected, Maya creates a copy of the file textures.


Does not save a new file texture. Use this setting if you are no longer changing the file textures and want to continue to use the saved file textures, even if you save the scene with a new name.

Disk cache options

This refers to the jiggle deformer requiring disk cache, which is implemented as a DG node and gets updated during a file save.


Creates a copy of the jiggle disk cache file when the scene is saved for the first time or saved to a new name. The cache file name corresponds with the scene file name. This is the default.


Does not save a copy of the jiggle disk cache file. Use this option to prevent the copy from being created and save disk space.


In both the New Project and Edit Project windows, there is a Disk Cache option in the list of Project Locations (File > Project Window). This allows you to set the default directory in which to store the jiggle deformer’s disk cache files.

Referencing options

Lock File

Prevents the file from being edited whenever it is referenced from other scene files.

File Type Specific Options

Use full names for attributes on nodes

Displays the full names of node attributes.

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