Install the Maya Web browser plug-in


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Automatic installation

You can install the Maya Web browser plug-in for your default Web browser through the Maya Help menu.

To install the Maya Web browser plug-in automatically

  1. Select Help > Resources and Tools > Browser Setup Assistant to begin the automatic configuration process.

    The Browser Setup Assistant appears.

  2. Follow the Browser Setup Assistant instructions.

Manual installation

Files to install the Maya Web browser plug-in are installed with your Maya installation in the ExternalWebBrowser folder under your Maya folder, with separate folders for each supported platform. By default, this is:


  1. (For all browsers except for Internet Explorer [Netscape-compatible browsers such as Firefox, Mozilla, and so on])

    You can skip this step if you are using Internet Explorer only.

    Copy PlugIn\npmcpplugin.dll into the plugins folder of your Web browser (for example, <FirefoxLocation>\plugins).

  2. (For Internet Explorer, and to allow all applications on Windows to handle mel: protocol URLs)

    You must register the COM object. In the Program Files\Autodesk\Maya2014\ExternalWebBrowser\Windows\COM directory, double-click Register.bat.

For further details, see the instructions in <Maya Directory>/devkit/ExternalWebBrowser/COM.

Mac OS X

  1. Copy McpPlugIn.plugin into ~/Library/Internet Plug-Ins/ or /Library/Internet Plug-Ins/.


  1. Copy into the plugins folder of your Web browser (for example, <FirefoxLocation>/plugins).
  2. On Linux, MEL URL handling must be set up manually. See the instructions in <Maya Directory>/devkit/ExternalWebBrowser/Linux.


Examples of scripts that communicate with Maya through the Web browser can be found in the Examples directory under the ExternalWebBrowser directory, including a JavaScript file that contains many useful Maya-web browser communication functions, such as browser and platform detection, presence of plug-in, and error handling.

As well, we provide a document in the same directory to help you transition existing solutions designed to work with the Maya embedded web browser to the external web browser approach.

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