Create new topology symmetrically with Quad Draw


Adding symmetry to your retopology workflow lets you quickly apply new topology to both sides of your reference surface. Mirror your original mesh across an axis, and then duplicate your new topology to use symmetry with the Quad Draw tool.

To mirror your mesh

If you created your original mesh in another application, it is recommended that you delete half of your mesh before you begin the retopology process.

  1. Delete half of your mesh using one of the following methods:
    TipBefore deleting half of your mesh, ensure that Delete cut faces is enabled in the Cut Faces Options window.
  2. Create a symmetrical mesh. See Create symmetrical polygon meshes.

    Your original mesh is now two separate meshes.

  3. Start to retopologize your mesh.

To duplicate new topology

  1. Select your new topology (polySurface1).
  2. From Maya's main menu, select Duplicate > Special > .
  3. In the Duplicate Special Options window that appears, ensure that Geometry Type is set to Instance.
  4. Click Duplicate Special.

    A new polygon surface called polySurface2 is created.

  5. Select polySurface2 and scale it to the opposite side of the mesh by doing one of the following:
    • In the Channel Box, set Scale X to -1.
    • Use the Scale Tool to bring the duplicated polygons to the other side of the mesh.

    Once you duplicate your polygon surface across the mesh, any changes you make to polysurface1 will automatically be applied to polySurface2.

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