Split multiple polygon faces


You can split multiple polygon faces in one operation using the Cut Faces Tool (Edit Mesh > Cut Faces Tool). The tool can also split polygons across multiple polygon meshes in one operation.

Using the Cut Faces Tool you can:

To cut faces along a line you draw

  1. Select a mesh or faces and choose Edit Mesh > Cut Faces Tool > .
  2. Ensure the Cut direction is set to Interactive.
  3. You can turn on Delete cut faces to delete the faces on one side of the cut, or Extract cut faces to disconnect the cut faces along the cut edges.
  4. Drag a line in a view window to define the cutting plane.

    When the Delete cut faces option is on, a dotted line shows which side will be deleted.

  5. Do one of the following:
    • Draw another line to cut the faces again.
    • Select another tool.

Once you have cut the faces, you can select the polyCut node and click the Show Manipulator tool to further modify your work.

To cut faces along a defined plane

  1. Select a mesh or faces and choose Edit Mesh > Cut Faces Tool > .
  2. Choose a plane from the Cut direction settings.
  3. Ensure that Delete cut faces is enabled.
  4. Click Enter Cut Tool And Close.

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