Organize the Channel Box


You can organize the way nodes and their attributes appear in the Channel Box using the Show menu. This is useful for filtering out the attributes you don’t need to change, especially in complex scenes that consist of many nodes and attributes.

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To filter the attributes displayed by type

  1. Select Show > Attributes from the Channel Box.
  2. Select the attribute type you want to view from the list that appears.

    A checkmark appears next to the attribute type and the Channel Box hides any attributes that do not match.

You can filter by multiple types by toggling them on and off in the Show > Attributes menu.

If you require a more granular filter, you can select specific attributes in the Channel Box from the Show > Show Selected Type(s) menu. This reduces the attributes displayed to just those types you have selected.

After you have done this, you can also select Show > Invert Shown to display all the attribute types you didn’t select. This can be helpful when there are only a few types you want to hide.

You can also create your own custom filters and add them to the Show > Attributes menu.

To create a custom filter type

  1. Select any attributes in the Channel Box whose type(s) you want to include in the filter.
  2. Select Show > Show Selected Type(s).

    The attributes shown in the Channel Box are reduced to only those you have selected and any others of the same type.

  3. Select Show > Create Entry.

    The Create Entry options appear.

  4. Turn on Entry name and enter a custom filter name in the text field or turn off Entry name and use the default name suggested above the Entry name label.
  5. Click Save.

    The custom filter is saved to the Show > Attributes menu. You can select it at any time to filter by the same set of attribute types.

You can undo filtering at any time by selecting Show > Show All.

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