Crease Set Editor


The Crease Set Editor (Edit Mesh > Crease Set Editor or Window > Relationship Editors > Crease Sets) lets you create and manage crease sets in your scene.

The Crease Set Editor has the following main areas:

To... Do this

Crease a new crease set.

Select the components in your scene and do one of the following:

  • Click New.
  • -click anywhere in the editor and select Create Set.

Select all members in the crease set.

Select one of the following methods:

  • Click Select.
  • -click on the name of a crease set in the editor and select Select Members.

Adjust the hardness of the selected creased components.

Select one of the following methods:

  • Double-click the Crease field in the Crease Set list and enter a new value.
  • -drag in the Crease field to increase or decrease the value.

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