Displaying a free image plane through a specified camera


You can choose to display your free image plane in all views; or, only through a specified camera. The drop-down list beside the Display > looking through camera allows you to select the camera through which the image plane is displayed.

This feature is only available for free image planes.

  1. Select your free image plane to display its Attribute Editor. In the Attribute Editor, select Display > looking through camera.

    The drop-down list beside this option becomes active and lists all the cameras in the scene.

  2. Select a camera from the drop-down list.

    The image plane is only displayed through the selected camera.

    NoteThe default option in the drop-down list is the camera that was used to create the free image plane.

You can also specify the camera via the imagePlane MEL command. Set the -showInAllViews flag to false and then set the looking through camera using the -lookThrough flag. For example, this command creates an image plane and sets the looking through camera to the side camera.

imagePlane -showInAllViews false -lookThrough side;

The -showInAllViews flag is set to True by default.

See imagePlane for more information regarding this command.

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