Issues with transformations


If you experience any issues with transformations, check this section for some common issues and their workarounds.

Double transformation when objects are parented with history

When an object is parented with its construction history, the output surface may get a double transformation when the group is moved.


To fix this toggle the inhertsTransform flag (on the surface) to off. This stops the surface from inheriting the group’s transformation and fixes the problem.


The group command automatically detects and toggles this flag in these situations but the parent command does not.

Revolved surface limitation

If a revolved surface is grouped with its input curve then transforming the resulting group will change the shape of the revolved surface since the revolve node’s pivot will not be transformed.


This can be avoided by not grouping the curve with the surface or by creating a locator under the group and connecting its position to the revolve node’s pivot.

Transform with multiple surfaces

If a transform has multiple surfaces under it the shape node may have to be selected in the outliner for commands like makeLive to work properly.

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