Edit edge flow


You can edit edge flow on a polygon mesh using the Edit Mesh > Edit Edge Flow option. Edit Edge Flow adjusts the position of edges to fit the curvature of the surrounding mesh.

To edit edge flow

  1. Select edges in your mesh.
    NoteFor best results, it is recommended that you select no more than 2 non-adjacent edge loops.
  2. Select Edit Mesh > Edit Edge Flow > .

    The Edit Edge Flow Options window appears.

    By default, Adjust Edge Flow is enabled and set to 1. At 0 the selected edges move to the middle of the other nearby edges, creating a flat surface.

  3. Click Edit.

    The positions of the edges move to respect the curvature continuity of your mesh.

    TipTo tweak the results of your edit edge flow operation, use the Adjust Edge Flow attribute in the polyEditEdgeFlow node.

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