Make vertex colors visible


Color per vertex data (CPV) is commonly applied to 3D models that are created for interactive video games to more efficiently simulate shading and lighting effects. You can view this additional polygon color data applied to your polygonal models in the Maya scene to get an approximation of how they will appear when viewed on the game console.

The following conditions must be true for polygon colors to be visible in view panels.

NoteWhen you apply colors or prelighting, or paint vertex colors, Maya sets these conditions automatically provided Automatic vertex color display in the Modeling preferences (Window > Settings/Preferences > Preferences) is turned on. Automatic vertex color display is enabled by default.

To avoid the interference of scene lighting with the display of vertex colors, turn on Lighting > Use No Lights.

The following illustration shows the difference made on a tower that has prelighting applied and green color-per-vertex near the base. The rock in the foreground has no prelighting, so it loses all shading and highlights.

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