Color > Apply Color


Adds or removes color per vertex (CPV) information on the selected vertices of a polygonal mesh.

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Color > Apply Color >


Determines which color per vertex (CPV) operation is applied to the selected vertex or vertices.

Replace color

Replaces the selection’s color with the color you define in the Color Value section. This is the default.

Add color

Adds the color you define in the Color Value section to the selection.

Subtract color

Subtracts the color you define in the Color Value section from the selection.

Remove color

Removes the assigned vertex color information from the selected vertices.


Select the channels on which to make the Color Value settings availables

All channels

Turn this option on to make the Color Value settings available.

Individual Channels

Turn this option on to make the Color Channel Values settings available.

Color Value


Click the swatch to display the Color Chooser. Use the slider to adjust the value of the swatch color.

Grab Color

Click the eyedropper button to enable the eyedropper, which lets you pick any color on your monitor to define the Color.

Selected Vertex Color

Click this button to change the Color to the color of the selected vertex.


Sets the alpha channel of the Color, which defines the object’s transparency.

Color with alpha

Displays the color that is applied to the selection taking into account both the Color and the Alpha settings.

Color Channel Values

You can set the red, green, blue, and alpha (RGBA) values individually by setting Effect to Individual Channels and then turning on the Set Red, Set Green, Set Blue, and Set Alpha options, respectively, and changing the corresponding values. All color channels are turned on by default when the Color Channels option is turned on.

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