Show, hide, or resize a light manipulator


You can interactively adjust the attributes of certain light sources in a view using light manipulators. Light manipulators display in scene views (or, in some cases, the light source’s view, if you look through the light source). You can:

To show a light manipulator

  1. Select a light’s icon.
  2. Click the Show Manipulator Tool button from the General shelf to see the light’s manipulator (or press the hotkey t).
  3. Click the Index Manipulator to display each of the different types of light manipulators. The position of the dash on the Index Manipulator indicates which manipulators display.

To display a specific light manipulator

  1. Select a light.
  2. Click Display > Show > Light Manipulator, then select a manipulator.

To hide light manipulators

  1. Select Display > Hide > Light Manipulators.

To change the size of a light manipulator

  1. Press - (decrease) or = (increase).

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