Display > Hide, Show


Use Display > Hide to hide items you aren’t working on and reduce visual clutter. This is handy if you want to remove an object from the view, but do not want to delete it or move it.

To display items, use the Display > Show submenu, which includes the same selections as Display > Hide.

Related topics

Hide Selection

Hides selected object(s).

Hide Unselected Objects

Hides all unselected objects.

Hide Unselected CVs

To control the display of CVs, select the CVs that you want to remain visible, and then useDisplay > Hide > Hide Unselected CVs to hide all the other CVs on that surface. This affects the display of CVs in component selection mode, as well as CVs displayed in object selection mode by the use of Display > NURBS > CVs.


It is possible to use selective CV display on more than one surface at a time.

The selective CV display function operates exclusively from other Maya Hide and Show commands, and therefore menu selections such as Display > Show > All and others do not effect CVs whose display has been set using selective CV display.


Hides all objects, whether they are selected or not.

Hide Geometry

Displays a menu that lets you select the type of geometry you want to hide.

Hide Kinematics

Displays a menu that lets you select the type of kinematics you want to hide.

Hide Deformers

Displays a menu that lets you select the type of deformers you want to hide.


Hides lights.


Hides cameras.

Texture Placements

Hides texture placements.

Construction planes

Hides construction planes.

Fluids, Hair Systems, Follicles, Fur

Hides fluids, hair systems, follicles, or fur.

nCloths, nParticles, nRigids, Dynamic Constraints

Hides nCloth, nParticles, nRigids, or Dynamic Constraints.

Animation Markers

Hides animation markers.

Light Manipulators

Hides light manipulators.

Camera Manipulators

Hides camera manipulators.

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