Marking Menu Editor


Lets you edit the available marking menus. Once you define a marking menu, you must assign it to a hotkey or add it to the hotbox before you can use it. Navigate to Window > Settings/Preferences > Marking Menu Editor to access the editor.

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Create Marking Menu/Edit Marking Menu

In this dialog box, you can set the menu name and test your marking menu. To edit items within a marking menu, -click on a marking menu icon and select Edit Menu Item.

Marking menu item editor

This editor appears when you edit a marking menu item.


Enter the name of the marking menu item.

Icon Filename

Enter the name of the icon file.


Enter the MEL script used as the command for the menu item. You can drag the MEL script from the Script Editor’s bottom panel with the middle mouse button.

Check Box

Displays a check box beside the marking menu item.

Radio Button

Displays a check box beside the marking menu item.


Displays nothing beside the marking menu item.

Option Box

Turn Option Box on to display the option box beside the menu item so you can change a tool’s options from the marking menu.


If the tool or action does not have an options window, you must use MEL code to create the box. Once the box is created, you must write MEL code to invoke the option window. For more information on MEL commands, see Run MEL commands.

Option Box Command(s)

Enter the MEL script to use as the command for the menu item’s option box.


Use Marking Menu in

Specify whether the marking menu is linked to the Hotbox or a hotkey.

Hotbox Region

If you selected Hotbox for Use Marking Menu in, select the Hotbox zone the marking menu occupies: North, South, East, West, or Center.

Mouse Button(s)

Select the left, middle, or right mouse button used to display the marking menu. You can select one, two, or three mouse buttons.

Assign hotkey area in the Hotkey editor

For more information, see Hotkey editor.


Enter the key you want to assign to the selected command. Enter a letter from A to Z (upper and lower case are different keys) or a number from 0 to 9. You cannot use more than one letter or number.

Or, select a special key from the pull-down list. For example, if you want the right arrow key to act as the trigger, assign it here.


Select either (Windows and Linux)/ (Mac OS X) or or (Mac OS X) for the hotkey modifier.


Use Press or Release to associate a command with the press or a release of a key. For example, you can create a hotkey to instruct Maya to snap to a curve when you press a key, then turn off the snapping when you release it.

If you added a key to an operation ending with (Press) or (Release), add the same key to the corresponding (Release) or (Press) operation.

Add to Recent Command List

Turn on so that this hotkey can appear in the Edit > Recent Commands List window.


Click Query to determine whether the specified key settings have already been assigned to a command.


Click Find to highlight the category and command for the key you enter in the Key field.

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