Create or edit a marking menu


Making a new marking menu is a two step process: first you create the marking menu. Then to actually use the marking menu you assign it to a hotkey or to a region of the hotbox.

You can add multiple versions of the same tool with different settings to a marking menu. For example, you can add a Sculpt Surfaces Tool with the Push option selected and another Sculpt Surfaces Tool with the Pull operation selected. This only works with tools, not regular menu items (actions).

To... Do this

Open the Marking Menu Editor.

Select Window > Settings/Preferences > Marking Menu Editor.

Start a new marking menu.

In the Marking Menu Editor, click Create Marking Menu.

Edit an existing marking menu.

In the Marking Menu Editor, click the name of the marking menu you want to edit, then click Edit Marking Menu.

Add an item to a marking menu.

  1. Start a new marking menu or edit an existing one.
  2. -drag items onto spaces in the marking menu editor. You can do any of the following:
    • Drag a tool from the Tool Box.
    • Drag a shelf item from the shelf.
    • Drag selected text from the Script Editor.

Change the label or script of an item.

-click an item and select Edit Menu Item.

Make an item open a submenu.

-click on a space in the marking menu editor and select Popup Submenu.

When you’re finished editing the submenu, close the submenu’s window.

Delete an item.

-click an item and select Delete Menu Item.

Set when the marking menu appears.

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