Help preferences


You can set the following preferences in the Help category of the Preferences window.

In-view Messages

You can show, hide, or change the display of the in-vew messages that appear for certain tools, modes, and operations.


Shows or hides all in-view messages. The default is on.

User assistance messages

Shows or hides messages that explain how to perform operations. The default is on.

Status information messages

Shows or hides messages that provide information about a change in Maya's status. The default is on.

Display time

Sets how long the tool message appears on screen, in seconds. The default is 2 seconds.

Font size

Sets the text size of the in-view message, in points. The default is 12 points.

Background opacity

Sets the opacity of the in-view message background, as a percentage. The default is 75, with 0 being fully transparent and 100 being fully opaque.

NoteIn Maya for Linux, the Background opacity option is only available when running a window manager that supports compositing.

Popup Help

Display ToolClips

Lets you enable or disable ToolClips.

TipYou can customize ToolClips by adding your own content. See Customize ToolClips.

Display tool name and shortcut only

When enabled, the popup displays the tool name and shortcut only and does not include any of the ToolClip content.

Help Location


Specifies the documentation language set Maya loads when you use the Help.

Autodesk Web Site

Maya displays the Help from the Autodesk web site. This is the default setting for the Maya Help location.

Installed Local Help

Maya displays Help from the default installation location on your local system.


Maya displays Help from the specified custom local or network location.

Click the icon and browse to the custom location where the Maya Help is installed.

NoteWhen using the Custom option, use of UNC file paths with the Firefox browser is not supported. Either map the help location to a local drive, or use an alternate browser instead.

For more information, see Maya Help overview.

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